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Which one is healthier between Frozen Chicken and Fresh Chicken

Which one is healthier between Frozen Chicken and Fresh Chicken

Frozen Chicken vs. Fresh Chicken

One of the most heated debates in the food world is between the nutritional value of Frozen chicken and Fresh Chicken. This debate of nutritional value extends itself deep into debating about which amongst the two is healthier, is it the Frozen chicken or is it Fresh Chicken? People have their own set of perceptions regarding frozen chicken but are all those perceptions true. To answer this very question we need to dig deeper into a few facts:

1. Freezing Chicken

One of the greatest beliefs in people who buy and eat meat is that while the chicken is frozen it loses its nutritional value and hence becomes less healthy when compared to fresh chicken, but the truth is that this loss of nutritional loss is almost negligible. The process of freezing chicken makes sure that all the protein and juices which make the chicken nutritional are frozen intact in the chicken, and when it is cooked the juices and proteins come back to their natural form as at what they would be in fresh chicken.

2. The perception

While someone hears about frozen chicken their first reaction tends to bend towards the use of preservatives. The perception of people who abstain from buying frozen chicken is that the chicken will have high levels of unhealthy sodium and preservatives, the truth being that frozen chicken generally doesn’t require any preservatives. The process of freezing chicken generally means freezing the chicken by maintaining very cold temperatures, which make sure that microorganisms don’t grow and start the process of decay. Although commercially frozen chicken may have been injected with some saline solution with high salt content in some cases, the case of use of preservatives still is almost minimal, thus not making the frozen chicken any unhealthy.

3. Difference between Fresh and Frozen Chicken:

If you would have read the points above, it would till now have been very clear that frozen chicken is very less different than fresh chicken. The main difference comes though when we talk about storing the chicken at our homes in our freezers. The frozen chicken is packed making sure that all the nutrition is stored in the chicken when it is frozen, while this changes in the case of a fresh chicken. Fresh chicken when stored in our home freezers has a greater tendency of losing its nutrition. This is because our freezers at home are not very effective when it comes to holding very cold temperatures. In this case, when we store fresh chicken in our freezers, the chicken initially oozes out some juices, and while it freezes icicles form on the surface of the meat, which then leads to loss of nutrition. In this case, the fresh chicken if stored at home becomes less nutritional than the frozen chicken.

Looking at the facts that have been noted above it can be very well seen that there is no such difference in the nutritional values of frozen and fresh chicken. Also, the only difference between the two types of chickens comes only when the same is stored at our homes, in our freezers, the frozen chicken over here tips a bit above in the nutritional value when compared to the fresh chicken.

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