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Things to Know Before Buying Chicken Online 

Coronavirus has infected 213 countries so far worldwide. In India too there are many confirmed cases. The virus had infected a huge amount of the Chinese population from where all of it begun. The symptoms of the disease being similar to flu, it has become even more difficult to diagnose between the two. So far worldwide according to the World Health Organisation (WHO)- there are approx. 1699595 cases that are confirmed of having this virus and the confirmed deaths of people have reached to an unimaginable count of 106138. Therefore the fear regarding the disease and the rumours both have affected people badly. The present rumour has it that chicken consumption can contaminate an individual with this virus.

Restrictions and safety measures while buying chicken- According to both PETA and WHO it is important at all times to maintain safety rules while dealing with raw meat. The meat while cooking or cleaning should be thoroughly cleaned. Also as the only solution to this Coronavirus is social distancing, people are in quarantine mode. So the best possible way to order chicken is through online means. The more an individual goes out in the market and buys chicken the chances of getting contaminated through other people and infected surfaces are more.

Here are some safety measure and few essential things to Know before Buying Chicken Online

  • Always maintain a no-contact policy were in when the delivery executive comes to deliver, the person keeps the product at the doorstep or the gate and stands at a 2-meter distance abiding by the norms of social distancing. In this way handing over is avoided and thus contact with skin as well.
  • Add extra information to your delivery executive regarding exactly where and how you want the delivery.
  • After you have got the package you should at all times take out the outer packaging and wash your hand thoroughly for about 20 seconds with soap and water. Also after washing the package clean the meat thoroughly and dry it.
  • Wear a mask and gloves. The best advice is to take your shield so while washing raw meat, it is safe to use a glove so that any kind of infection cannot get on to the hands and become a source of contamination.
  • Paying online is the best way to avoid contact. However, if it is a COD option, use gloves to give the money to your delivery executive. Also after you come immediately was off your hands and the gloves.

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