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Steps to Follow While Receiving Online Products amid Coronavirus

Steps to Follow While Receiving Online Products amid Coronavirus

The outbreak of coronavirus has turned the world upside down in a matter of a few days. While some countries took time to accept reality, some acted fast. Yet, none of the countries could escape from the clutches of COVID-19.

With the number of cases increasing every day and every hour, the countries, states, and local governments are working overtime to keep things from going fully out of control. Work from home and social distancing are the two phrases we hear at least a dozen times a day. With restrictions on stepping outside the house, people have been worried about stocking groceries and essentials for survival until the pandemic ends.

People are relying on online stores to buy what they want. Depending on the local laws, online deliveries too, have been restricted to avoid further spread of coronavirus. If you are receiving products ordered online, it is essential to take a few precautions to stay safe and away from the virus.

Though there is an opinion that the risk of transmission of coronavirus through online deliveries is low, due to the time taken for the shipments to be moved from one place to another, we cannot deny that the threat is not completely eliminated.

New Policy

Most sellers have now started following the No-Contact policy or ‘Leave at the Door’ policy where the delivery person will leave the package at the doorstep instead of handing it over.

Leave Instructions

Just to be on the safe side, you can leave additional instructions for delivery when booking the package. Tell them where and how to deliver the package. You can also contact the delivery person directly through a phone call and give them the details.

Wash Your Hands

Don’t ever forget to wash your hands after picking up and bringing up the parcels inside. If you have a habit of holding receipts between your teeth, do not do that. Do not touch your face with the same hands without washing them first.

Washing the Package

If it is possible, wash the package along with your hands. Research is still going on about how long the virus stays active on various materials. Though there is a lot of theory, none of it has been confirmed as yet. It is better to be safe than sorry. Wash the package, wipe it dry, and open it. If possible, wash the contents of the package before using them.

Wear Gloves

Alternatively, you can wear disposable gloves to collect and open the package. Chuck them away in the dustbin along with the packaging cover. Wash your hands and use a sanitizer.

Wear the Mask

This is not compulsory. We cannot help but feel afraid or even a little paranoid when it comes to the spreading COVID-19. If it makes you feel any better, use a face mask when receiving or picking up the deliveries. It doesn’t hurt to be too careful.

Signing the Receipt or Making Payment

If you’ve already paid online, there is nothing much to do. But you have to sign a receipt, make sure to use your own pen. Wash your hands immediately afterward. If you are paying in cash, the same rule applies. Wash your hands like you are obsessed with it.

Don’t Forget to Tip

This is not a safety precaution step. The delivery personnel are risking their lives to make sure we get all that we want without coming out of the house. Be kind and generous. Even a small (more than what you usually give) tip could help them.

Don’t order unless you want it and try to get them from the local, small-time businesses. Help them survive during this period.

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