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Other poultry and game

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Other poultry and game

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Other poultry and game

Discover our other types of poultry and parts and our game assortment.Throughout the year we offer top products such as duck, duck fillet and duck legs, but also guinea fowl, quail, etc.

We also have different varieties of chicken.

  • spring chickens
  • Ree range chicken
  • Orn-fed chicken.

We also offer rabbit and rabbit parts.

  • Whole rabbit cut & packaged
  • Fresh rabbit quarter
  • Fresh back of rabbit
  • “Shoulder” of rabbit
  • Rabbit fillet
  • Rabbit liver
  • Back of wild boar with bone
  • Wild boar fillet fresh
  • Wild boar legs
  • Wild boar roast
  • Wild boar stew
  • Back of venison with bone
  • Fillet of venison fresh
  • Leg of doe with bone
  • Roast venison
  • Venison stew
  • Venison steak
  • Back of deer with bone
  • Fillet of deer
  • Leg of deer with bone
  • Deer stew
  • Deer roast