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Frozen Chicken Wing Tips

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    Being a part of the chicken wing family, we also offer the frozen chicken wing tips as part of our chicken products. The chicken wing tips are packaged in sizable 20 Kg Carton that is affordable and nutritious. These chicken wing cuts are also delicious when properly cooked. It is good to point out that the cooking recipes are diverse, but they are simple for any person. To help maintain the fresh state of our chicken wing tips, we freeze them. We also know that the quality of our chicken wind tips depends on the fresh state of the chicken we deliver.

    Why you should choose our frozen Chicken wing tips

    We have plenty of reasons we can give you to help you choose our frozen chicken wing tips. First, the product is well clean and nicely dressed. It helps create an impression of quality and cleanliness, which we strictly follow. Second, the frozen Chicken wing tips come with two major orders, with and without the skin. This is in line with the diverse chicken market and the understanding that people have the distinct preference for their chicken skin. Thirdly, to make sure that this product stays fresh for longer, it has a moisture level of below 5%, and it is, therefore, fresh and frozen. Fourth, the frozen Chicken wing tips are with no bruise or blood, and unlike mainstream chicken products, it has no bad smell nor blood stains. The other reasons why this is a product specifically for you include the fact that we do not pack the chicken wing tips with chicken feathers and the chicken bones are intact and not broken. During delivery, the customer has you know ultimate choice on how the whole package should look like. We love offering our clients the opportune only to get involved in the packing process. The final reason why this is the ultimate choice on frozen Chicken wing tips includes the fact that the customer can buy it in relatively small sizes of 10kgs either packed in polythene of in boxes.

    Important aspects of our frozen chicken wing tips processing procedure

    When processing chicken, it is important to know how to handle and store it to avoid any contamination properly. We ensure we follow these important aspects to ensure the safety of our consumers.

    1. Contamination prevention

    Preventing contamination in chicken is an impossible task if you do not know where to start. Chicken has bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye. The bacterium found on the chicken is known as the salmonella bacteria. The salmonella bacterium can cause foodborne diseases. To help prevent this, we use the following contamination prevention procedures. Cleaning. We clean the chicken wing tips thoroughly before passing to the next stage of processing. We also ensure the chicken wing tips are tested and inspected thoroughly for any other issues apart from bacteria. We also provide our staff with effective work clothing that prevents contamination while they work with the chicken.

    2. Proper storage

    The chicken wing tips require adequate storage in a temperature zone that prevents the growth of the salmonella bacterium. To prevent the growth of the salmonella bacterium, we freeze our chicken wing tips. Hence, the term frozen chicken wing tips. By freezing the chicken wing tips, we not only preserve them but also extend the expiration period of the chicken wing tips. We guarantee by freezing them; they do not lose their flavor of taste when cooked. However, when you buy the chicken wing tips ensure you also store them in freezing temperatures to avoid contamination. Ensure you properly mark the chicken wing tips and continuously check the expiration date.