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Know the Ways to Spot A Perfect Turkey?

Know the Ways to Spot A Perfect Turkey?

A turkey roast or any such turkey dish is always a special one. It marks some sort of celebration or family feast. Turkey is an all-time dinner table favourite and welcomes the guests with a spirit of joy and festivity. However, there are a few tips that you need to consider while buying the turkey. So if you want to know the ways to spot a perfect turkey then go on reading down below.

Roasted Turkey

  • Spot the round ones-

    When you are buying the bird always consider the shape of the turkey. A good round shape is the perfect one to get it roasted. Also, the round ones have flesh that is much juicier than the thin ones. In case you do spot a flat area on your turkey or there is any kind of thawing then do not buy it as it might be an indication that the bird has been kept in the refreezing zone and is pretty stale.

  • Smaller birds are better birds-

    Many people have the wrong conception that larger is the bird more will it taste better. However, the smaller birds tend to become tenderer and thus it is advisable to cook or roast two small birds rather than serving a big bird. Big turkey has a slightly coarse texture to their meat. Hence the size of the bird matters. Also, big birds take a lot of time to cook and in many parts, they might even be cooked unevenly.

  • Shop for turkey without “basted” labels-

    While shopping for the bird many a time you will see labels such as “basted” are tagged. This means that the bird has already been marinated with edible flavours or herbs or oils and butter. Or they might be injected with artificial or non-artificial flavours as well. Sometimes the bird can also be soaked in edible broths for days so that it soaks up colour and flavour. These basted labelled birds although they are readily available options however it is advised to look for turkeys that do not come with such labels. You can do your marinated part at home which is a much safer option when it comes to your health. Store labelled products do not guarantee all healthy and safe means.

Delicious Turkey for Dinner

  • Cage free-range turkeys are better-

    Consider shopping for turkeys that are labelled as free-range. This means that the birds were allowed to roam and were not caged. This is helpful as the meat of such birds has more muscles than the ones that are caged. Also, the cage free-range birds are far tastier and flavoursome than the once that are caged. The cage-free range of birds provides lean meat that is good for health as well.

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