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Frozen Chicken Paw

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    Frozen Chicken Paw

    When it comes to chicken products, there is nothing to throw away. Each product has a specific purpose it is meant to fulfil in the society. Even the chicken feathers are useful to some communities. The same applies to chicken paws. Chicken paws are a delicious to some communities in the world. We ensure we provide the market with quality frozen chicken paws. Our chicken paws are affordable and we package them in a 20 kg carton size. These chicken paws are nutritious despite the common belief of chicken paws being a discarded chicken item. People have come up with recipes that allow them to enjoy the chicken paws. You can also easily access one such recipe from online sources to help you make the chicken paws as delicious as possible. The quality of our chicken paws comes from the chicken we select during the processing stage.


    Why you should choose our Frozen Chicken Paw

    The first reason is that we clean and dress our chicken products with extreme caution; this includes our frozen chicken paws. The method we use to clean and dress our chicken paws helps preserve the quality of the product and prevent contamination from the unseen bacteria. Secondly, our frozen chicken paws have no nails and skin. Removal of the nails and skin during the processing stage helps ensure our clients do not have a rough time while preparing their chicken paws. It also gives our chicken paws a distinctive difference between our products and those currently in the market. Another reason is that our products last longer and stay fresh for extended periods. The aspect of longer durations of freshness is made possible because of the low moisture level of the chicken paw. We also ensure that our chicken paws have no stains or bruises on them. During the cleaning process, we make sure the chicken paws have no bloodstains on them to ensure they stay fresh for long. Satisfying our customers is our top priority; hence, we make sure the process of Frozen Chicken Paw goes smoothly with no complications. 100% Fresh and Frozen Packing/Customer Preferred Labeling is Accepted: Polybag/carton box of 10 kg.


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    Yes, you should clean frozen chicken first and then cook it for better taste. This will not just enhance its taste but also make it soft and juicy.

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