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Frozen Chicken Legs Quarters


Frozen Chicken Legs Quarters



    How Frozen Chicken Legs Quarters is processed

    The processing of chicken legs quarter starts with the selection of best quality of chicken. Firstly, the chicken is weighed and its health is checked to meet the standards of the company. For pursuing this step, the complete checklist provided by the company is followed. Once the checking procedure is done and selected chicken passes all quality checks, the processing phase starts. Now, with the help of machines, the high quality parts of chicken are separated and then checked further for some more quality checks. All this is done with the help of machines to minimize the human intervention as human intervention can lead to some unhygienic issues as well. Once this is done, the frozen chicken legs are washed properly using high pressure of water. Some portion of chicken legs is even skinned out because some people prefer to eat chicken legs without skin. During the procedure, utmost care is taken to not make the chicken bruised and no blood is there in the chicken legs quarter. We then freeze the chicken legs quarter to keep them fresh. Also, it becomes very easy to transport the chicken legs after freezing them even if the distance is more. Once the packing is done, we set out the chicken legs quarter products out for delivery and our delivery team takes it over from here. For packing the frozen leg quarters, we use either a polythene or a carton box. Our efficient delivery system ensures timely delivery of the frozen legs quarters at your doorstep. All you need to do is specify your requirements to us and we will take care of the rest. You will receive the chicken legs quarters in a frozen state only because of our efficient delivery system.


    Why you choose

    There are many reasons why you should choose this product. First, the product is well clean and nicely dressed. This gives the impression of the quality the product is and why you should choose it. Second, the Frozen Chicken Legs Quarters comes with two major orders, with and without the skin. This is in line with the diverse chicken market and the understanding that people have the diverse preference for their chicken skin. Thirdly, to make sure that this product stays fresh for longer, it has the moisture level of below 5% and it is, therefore, fresh and frozen. Fourth, the Frozen Chicken Legs Quarters is with no bruise or blood and unlike mainstream chicken products, it has no bad smell nor blood stains. The other reasons why this is a product specifically for you include the fact that it is not packed with chicken feathers and the chicken bones are intact and not broken. When being delivered, the customer has the ultimate choice on how the whole package should look like and this is the concept of customized delivery should give the potential buyer another choice to choose this Frozen Chicken Legs Quarters. The final reason why this is the ultimate choice for Frozen Chicken Legs Quarters includes the fact that the customer can buy it in relatively small sizes of 10kgs either packed in polythene of in boxes.


    Yes, frozen chicken legs are processed to preserve their taste, freshness, and quality. This means that you can buy it without any doubt in your mind.

    You cannot keep frozen chicken at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Therefore, you should consume it immediately if you can’t store it in the freezer.

    SBC Globals is the leading supplier of frozen legs. You can connect with us and get frozen chicken legs delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Brazil.

    Of course! In fact, we provide only the best quality frozen chicken legs that slake your taste buds and keep ordering it online from the convenience of your home.