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Frozen Chicken Gizzard


Frozen Chicken Gizzard

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    Despite being the smallest part of the chicken, the gizzard is undoubtedly the tastiest part of any chicken. However, getting frozen chicken gizzard with the quality, you can trust proves to be a challenge for plenty of people. Nevertheless, with the advancements in technology, you can use the internet to order fresh Frozen Chicken gizzard. The chicken gizzards we provide are affordable, fresh, and meet all the necessary health requirements and standards. You can place an order on our website for affordable frozen chicken gizzard with better quality than the chicken gizzards available at your local store or market. We package our frozen chicken gizzards in a sizable carton of 15 kg. About the Chicken Gizzard What exactly is a gizzard? A gizzard is a body part found in the chicken’s digestive tract. It is similar to the human stomach. The purpose of the gizzard is to grind the food a chicken eats. Some cultures, consider gizzards a delicacy. Therefore, to ensure our frozen gizzards are safe for consumption, we ensure we clean them thoroughly and get rid of any remaining food particles we find in the gizzard. The consumption of the chicken gizzard adds nutritional value to our bodies. Here are some of the dietary benefits the gizzard adds to our bodies.

    Health Benefits of Consuming Chicken Gizzards

    1. Provision of Nutrients to the body

    A gizzard serving of 3.5 ounces gives the body a supply of 3.19 mm of iron and 4.42 mm of zinc. Each day women require 8mm of zinc and 18 mm of iron. While men need 11mm of zinc and 8 mm of iron daily. Iron and zinc support the body’s immune system by strengthening the white blood cells to help them fight diseases. The nutrients also promote the quick healing of wounds as well as aid in cell division. You also get a daily dose of 2.4 micrograms vitamins when you eat chicken gizzards. Vitamins help your body’s neurology function better. It is also essential for your immune system.

    2. Fat and cholesterol

    A serving of 100 grams of chicken gizzards gives your body 2.68 grams of fat that is saturated. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to lower the consumption of fat in your diet, you can choose to eat chicken gizzards. Gizzards are a healthier meat option compared to pork or beef. A diet that comprises of low fat and cholesterol levels like the chicken gizzards will help reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, and some types of cancer.

    3. Proteins

    A serving of gizzards contains a large number of proteins. Proteins are necessary for energy production in your body. They also assist the body to replace worn out cells and tissues. It is a necessary rule that for every 20 pounds of your weight, you should consume 8g of protein. Regularly eating frozen chicken gizzards will help your body acquire the right amount of protein for proper functionality.

    Why should you choose our Frozen Chicken gizzard?

    The first reason is that we ensure our gizzards are clean and meet every health requirement and standards. We ensure during the processing of the frozen chicken gizzards, we clean and dress the gizzards appropriate. This helps preserve the quality of the product and avoid contamination from outside factors. Second, each processing stage of the chicken gizzards uses machines. The machines help minimize the gizzard’s contact with humans. Therefore, reaffirming our non-contamination policy. For every process, we make sure that human contact with the chicken is minimal. Third, our chicken gizzards stay fresh for more extended periods unlike other gizzards in the market. They have a moisture level that is below 5%, which helps keep the gizzards fresh and frozen at all times. When we pack and deliver the gizzards, we ensure there are no bruises or blood on them. The presence of blood can make the frozen chicken gizzards go stale after a short period. The absence of blood prevents terrible smells as well. Finally, we ensure that every gizzard order we pack is what our client requires. Our packaging and delivery system is efficient, and we have never had a mix up of orders. We deliver your ordered gizzards right where you are.