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Effective Measures Taken Amid Coronavirus by Our Team

Effective Measures Taken Amid Coronavirus by Our Team

Coronavirus has become a highly alarming source of concern for most countries in the world. It is one of the worst pandemics human beings have ever experienced. The death toll due to Covid 19 virus has been increasing at a rapid pace. Around 75% have already lost their lives. Various governments have asked people to stay at homes. The affected people are treated on isolation wards to prevent the virus spread. Being a reliable and responsible fresh frozen chicken wholesale supplier in Brazil, Seara Brand Corporation is committed to protecting the health of our customers.  

Hygiene is a matter of great importance to us

We are following all guidelines and instructions put forward by the government and WHO. Our endeavor is to deliver quality chicken products for each customer. We want to help people meet their food needs during this crisis period in a responsible way. At our processing facility, we are giving the utmost importance to the hygiene factor. Slaughtering and cutting up chickens have been done in a hygiene environment.

Uncompromising focus on chicken health   

As a responsible and socially committed fresh frozen chicken supplier, we are conducting rigorous health checks on chickens to ensure that they are healthy ones. Although we always focus on this important aspect, more caution is given to the health of chickens. Strict screening procedures are done before sending our products to different parts of the country.  

Covid 19 tested employees

Seara Brand Corporation makes sure that our employees are not carrying any Covid 19 virus in their body. All people, who show any symptoms, are not allowed to enter the processing facilities. They are sent to hospitals to undergo medical examination. We don’t leave anything to guesswork. Everything is done with responsibility and precision to serve quality chicken for our customers and prevent the spread of corona virus.       

Gloves, masks and other gears for employees

Our processing methods are the best in the industry. Due to this coronavirus menace, we have further strengthened all procedures to prevent any type of loophole. All necessary safety gears and equipment including gloves and masks are provided for employees. We are making them aware of the importance of safety, cleanliness, hygiene, and health frequently to retain the quality of our products. Our management makes sure that each employee is following the right guidelines strictly.         

Safe transportation practices

When it comes to transportation practices, Seara Brand Corporation never makes any compromise. Purified containers are used to transport chicken products to different parts. All our drivers are tested negative for Covid 19. The trucks that carry chicken are cleaned regularly to prevent the spread of virus. The bottom line is that you can expect safest transportation practices with Seara Brand Corporation. Our commitment to customer safety is unquestionable.  

As a socially committed and responsible fresh frozen chicken wholesale supplier, we are taking effective measures amid Coronavirus crisis to safeguard the health of our employees and customers. Our products meet all safety guidelines issued by the government. You can buy our chicken products with great confidence and satisfaction during this crisis period.