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Best Frozen Chicken Wings

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    We Packaged our best frozen chicken wings in a 20 Kg sizable Carton. Our product cuts you get to enjoy different from other products available in the market. Chicken wings are nutritious and there are a variety of recipes you can use to make them delicious. No matter the cooking method you prefer, you get to select the cooking method that best suits your personality.

    The quality of our product depends on how fresh they are and therefore keeping the cuts in frozen mode is appropriate in order to preserve the taste and freshness. It is also worth mentioning that these wings have no added preservatives.
    Their frozen state is the only means of keeping them fresh.

    Why you should choose our frozen Chicken wings

    There are many reasons why you should choose our chicken wings. First, the product is well clean and nicely dressed. This gives the impression of the quality the product is and why you should choose it. Second, our wings come with two major orders, with and without the skin. This is in line with the diverse chicken market and the understanding that people have the diverse preference for their chicken skin. Thirdly, to make sure that this product stays fresh for longer, it has the moisture level of below 5% and it is, therefore, fresh and frozen. Fourth, the Chicken wings are with no bruise or blood and unlike mainstream chicken products, it has no bad smell nor blood stains. The other reasons why this is a product specifically for you include the fact that it is not packed with chicken feathers and the chicken bones are intact and not broken. When being delivered, the customer has the ultimate choice on how the whole package should look like and this is the concept of customized delivery should give the potential buyer another choice to choose this wings. The final reason why this is the ultimate choice on wings includes the fact that the customer can buy it in relatively small sizes of 10kgs either packed in polythene of in boxes.

    How frozen Chicken wings are processed

    The processing of making the bulk chicken wings an inclusive process involving many details of the process. It starts with the selection of chicken whereby it must meet the company’s standards in terms of weight and wellbeing. This is done by strictly following the company’s checklist, which is comprehensive in nature. Once checked well in terms of quality, the process of processing begins. The company has an advanced system that grantees quality of the products produced. The machines that are used to separate the chicken parts are of high quality and they are check regularly for compliances of different certification bodies. The process is heavily machine oriented to minimize human interaction with the products. We later proceeded to wash the chicken wings to ensure they are clean. After washing the Chicken wings, we later skin some of the wings because we know not all our customers prefer their chicken leg quarters with skin. We make sure that during our cutting and skinning process, we do not bruise the chicken. Not bruising the chicken ensures we maintain the A grade quality of our chicken. During the cleaning process, we make sure the Chicken wing tips have no blood whatsoever. The lack of blood on our meat products ensures everyone can eat the chicken without violating their beliefs or nature. To help keep our Chicken wings fresh, we freeze them. Having chicken wings makes it easier to transport our products despite the distance. You can also feel secure about the nature of our chicken once it arrives your location. Finally, we have the packaging and the delivery process. For the packaging of our product, we use a carton box or a polythene of 10 kg. When we pack the bulk Chicken wings, we ensure they arrive right at your doorstep with our efficient delivery system. You simply make an order with us stating the specifics of what you require; we pack it and deliver the Chicken wings to you while still frozen. Satisfying our customers is our top priority; hence, we make sure the process of frozen Chicken wings goes smoothly with no complications.