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Seara Brand Corporation is a well-known supplier of chicken and chicken parts. We take food safety very seriously and ensure that the poultry products sold by us do not hamper the health and safety of our consumers in any way. We are very concerned about the current scenario wherein Coronavirus is spreading rapidly. Although there has been no evidence stated by CDC (Center for Disease Control) that the virus is spread through food items, we still have undertaken certain precautionary measures to avoid any circumstances wherein this may become a possibility. Precautionary measures taken by us     
  • We have included rigorous sanitation in all the production areas in our company.
  • We are continuing to follow stringent production practices strictly.
  • The plants in the premises are sanitized regularly according to the methods approved by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).
  • We have reviewed and adjusted the procedures followed by us under the guidance of the CDC, USDA, and other state health authorities.
If you want to eliminate the pathogens that are foodborne, check on the official site of USDA for the temperature at which the poultry products need to be cooked.

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