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Chicken and Coronavirus: Facts and Myths to Know

The recent pandemic has taken a toll on the entire world. The coronavirus disease or the COVID- 19 is the present crisis that cropped up from the city of Wuhan in China. The disease is spreading like wildfire and can affect anyone who comes in close contact with an infected person. Thus there have been a lot of precautionary measures being advised by WHO as there are no vaccines yet to combat the virus. However, encircling this pandemic the rumours fly high and spread faster than the disease.

One such issue is whether eating chicken can infect people with this coronavirus.

Hence here are some myths and facts busted about Chicken and Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Myths

Myth 1- A person can be infected with COVID-19 if the individual consumes meat that is chicken.

Fact- According to PETA, The health risks are there when an animal is consumed especially if they are kept or bred in an unhealthy condition. Such filthy and unhygienic conditions become a breeding ground for infections that can be transmitted to humans when they consume their meat. However, if safety practices are maintained while cooking the meat or handling the raw meat and not eating it raw makes it safe for an individual.

Myth 2- Eating meat during coronavirus can be an unhealthy practice.

Fact- It is always safer to have a vegan diet. However, it is not proven on scientific terms that eating chicken can cause individuals to have the virus. The misconception has been linked to the past incidents of bird flu and hence the fear of this rumour is a fast spread one. In a few places in Kerala, the rise of bird flu was spotted at the same time that the pandemic had started. Hence, the origin of the rumour was parallel connected. Thus eating meat particularly in the time of Coronavirus has no such proven reason for being unhealthy.

Myth 3- Having chicken soup during this time can get you the virus.

Fact-According to the health ministry and the guidelines laid by the WHO it is mentioned that as long as the meat is cleaned thoroughly and cooked properly no dangers are lurking when it comes to safety and consumption. Maintain proper cooking temperature and be sure that the meat which is cooked is not half raw.

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